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Creative work on the relationships among scholars and scholarly objects. Original video source + NASA video, green screen.


Oddity Spectacles
Creative work on weirdness, uncertainty, and danger as spectacles to be consumed—and then forgotten, left safely behind. Filmed at the 2012 Upper South Carolina State Fair, Pickens County Speedway in Easley, SC. Original source.


Diversification of Apparatus as Reorientation: A Burkean Comment on Electracy
Found footage montage with voiceover. Scholarly analysis originally presented at the Conference of the Kenneth Burke Society in St. Louis, 2014. My attempt was to casuistically stretch Burke himself into endorsing “electracy,” something Gregory Ulmer theorizes as that which “is to digital media what literacy is to print.” Conclusions: an overreliance on the critical manuscript fits the description of what Burke called a “trained incapacity”; the transdisciplinary character of Burke’s writing is an inherent feature of electracy.


Liminal Event